Welcome to ‘Where Escapism goes to Die’

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First of all, kudos to you for stumbling upon this obscure little site floating in the endless sea of generic online travel blogs. You must have been searching some really dubious things on Google to result in your beady, little eyes now reading this.

I suppose this is the part where I try to reel you in with a highly persuasive, charming pitch rather than the desperate and pathetic plea that inevitably ensues. I’ll be completely upfront here, if you’re looking for some pure, carefully constructed escapism that most travel blogs offer, then you’ve most certainly come to the wrong place. Because let’s face it, travel is almost never the life-changing, spiritual awakening that it’s usually made out to be. Chasing after your ‘Wanderlust’ pretty much always leaves you broke, exhausted, sore, smelly, blistered, sunburnt, and other generally unpleasant states of being.

To be completely upfront, what you’ll find on Snarky Travel is a collection of subpar trip reports, mundane rants, clickbaity lists (I have to drive website traffic somehow), and other similarly mediocre content. If this appeals to you for whatever reason, feel free to peruse around the site.