Travel in the time of Corona? These places are still somehow ‘open’

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Over the past several weeks, the world has seemingly acted in unison to close international borders and restrict all non-essential travel. This, in combination with our societies effectively shutting down, has naturally resulted in the current days certainly feeling rather hopeless.

In normal times, a main outlet for leisure and de-stressing oneself is by taking a holiday and travelling somewhere interesting. Though as the days pass by, it’s now appearing increasingly more likely that any planned spring or summer trips are bound to be cancelled.

However, this is not strictly true, as there are still a few countries questionably still somewhat ‘open’ to the more risk-tolerant travellers.

As a disclaimer, the following places are at the current time of writing still technically accessible (based on information from IATA on April 30th). However, with the possibility of a sudden policy change at any point, this article could become utterly out-of-date quite quickly. Furthermore, I trust that your common sense is used regarding protecting your health and personal safety before the suggestions of a fucking satirical online travel blog are taken seriously.


Political instability aside, such as President Daniel Ortega recently disappearing for an entire month, this Central American country remains open for international travellers.

Being dubbed the “land of lakes and volcanoes”, Nicaragua can offer adventurous visitors fantastic beaches, jungle trekking, and beautiful colonial architecture.

Moreover, the country has still allowed many cultural and sporting events to continue during this global pandemic. For example, a boxing event was staged in the capital city of Managua, under some conditions, such as a quick temperature check on entry for spectators. The boxers, meanwhile, were literally doused with liquid disinfectant before the fight.


Although the land border with the United States remains closed, and general societal activities being limited, tourists are still allowed to enter the country.


For citizens of the European Union or countries part of the Schengen area, Sweden is one of the countries with the least Corona-related restrictions in the world. While airline service has been somewhat reduced, upon arrival one will find that Sweden has kept most businesses open, including restaurants and bars and museums.

With the number of visiting tourists lower, there has likely never been a more convenient time to visit one of Stockholm’s most famous attractions: A museum dedicated to ABBA

The Netherlands

Taking a similar policy stance to Sweden, the Netherlands is also implementing only limited restrictions on incoming travellers. Just a ‘fit-to-fly’ health declaration form has to be filled out if one is flying from a country deemed ‘high-risk’.

Most retail shops in the country are reportedly still open for business, including the (in)famous coffeeshops. Therefore, the cliché bucket-list activity of riding a bicycle alongside the famous canals of Amsterdam while being mentally mashed from Space Cakes remains very much a possibility.

United Kingdom

Despite having some of the highest number of reported cases in the world, Britain has not yet implemented any actual restrictions on travellers entering the country. At this time, the British Foreign Office has only advised its citizens to avoid non-essential travel, however, they have not gone ahead to actually forbid it.


This is perhaps the most surprising country to make the list given the significant number of reported cases.

Admittedly finding an airline that will still fly to Iran may be tricky, however from the perspective of actual Corona-related travel restrictions, there does not seem to be any in place.

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